I am so sick of seeing advertisements on TV and in magazines for coily and curly hair. And in the picture of the coily haired girl, they always show someone with pretty curly hair, never tight coils. I have never seen in advertisements for coily hair, a true representation of  the coily hair texture. Is this intentional or what? Is everyone purposely ignoring the truly course hair texture? I’m sick of it! When is there going to be a product on the market that truly is made for coily hair. Because I haven’t see one yet!

The natural hair revolution has begun and it is being televised! 🙂 Two years ago you would never have caught me without a relaxer! The longest I had ever stretched my relaxer was six months and that was only because I was done getting relaxers…so I thought. One of my good friends Rokania Downing is a hair stylist here in Lexington Kentucky and she has said that every one in the world can go natural, but she will forever slap a relaxer in her hair every eight weeks! She has said that she doesn’t have the right texture of hair to go natural! Her hair would be considered 4c. Although I totally do not agree with the whole 234, abcd hair texture rating scale. I think it is totally ridiculous! And separates us as a race more than it unites us. When no hair texture is the same and your 4c hair may be totally different from my 4c hair. But I said track. Women with all textures of hair are beginning to realize that they can be chemical free also. That a chemical free healthy scalp is not relegated only to the mixed chics or those with “pretty” hair. My hair is dry and coily and I have been relaxer free for 9 months now! A record! 🙂 And my hair is the smoothest and shiniest is has ever been! I hate to say this but I have to admit where I’m at in my natural hair journey. I am a proponent of training your hair. For those that don’t know, this means to flat iron it or press it with a heat setting that is so damn hot that is ALMOST burns your hair. This extra hot heat setting, which works wonders on course hair, permanently loosens your curl pattern. So my hair texture has went from tight coils to pretty curls in a matter of months. The only thing about training your hair is that you have to be extra careful not to burn you precious strands. Instead of going over each section 1 or 2 times as I normally would at a setting of 410 degrees, to train my hair I have been going over each section about 7 or 8 times at a temperature of 450 degrees. Older women in the salon have had me bring out the marcel flat irons and in the electric oven I swear the heat on those steel flat irons got up to 475! And it did not burn their super course hair! And it got their hair super straight like they wanted it. And they were happy! I have noticed that training your hair can lead to thinned out hair is you get over zealous with it! Once a week or every two weeks flat ironing your hair on super high heat is too much! I flat iron my hair twice a month: The beginning of the month on super high heat (450) and the middle of the month on 410 on the roots and 375 on the ends. And my hair is still just as thick as it wants to be! I’ve also heard that training your hair can stunt hair growth but again I believe that’s if you get a little too happy with the whole technique. 

I have been really excited to see so many natural haired sisters on television. It’s no longer a big deal to where our real hair in the state God gave us! Not saying that there is anything wrong with changing it up every once in a while! Black women are coming into our beautiful own once again, not trying to look like anyone but ourselves and it makes me happy. For those of you that are still getting relaxers regularly, I bet you’re stretching them longer! And I bet in a few years you’ll be chemical free too! The revolution back to our true selves has begun! And I am so excited to be joining in this beautiful declaration of our reclaiming our beauty! There are so many relaxer stretchers, extenders, smoothers, silkeners, free of the harsh hair dissolving chemicals of a realxers, that there really is no need to continue to get one anymore. I am a hair texture specialist. If you need assistance figuring out what products to use to get the relaxer look without a relaxer, or the weave look without a weave, then contact me! 🙂

So why did I even become a cosmetologist if not to make a living doing hair or owning my own salon? I have asked myself this question a thousand times and still have not come up with an adequate answer. I have come to realize, I think, that I am not in this hair thing for the money! I am in this hair business to help sisters learn how to make their own hair its most beautiful. I’m in this hair business to educate. That’s it!

I just wrote my first book, entitled The Cost of Weaves, and set up this website to sell it on Amazon but I feel like THE MESSAGE is more important than the money. I feel like I have some very heart felt things to say in this book and I’d rather the book be read freely, than make money off of a topic that I feel is kinda of sacred… and touchy. I guess I feel like this is too sensitive of a subject, and too pertinent of an issue to be trying to profit from it. When the reason I wrote this book was to help sisters learn how to grow out their own hair so they don’t need a weave. And grow out my own hair in the process!

So in a week or so I will have the entire book available for free on this website. For those of you that read the PDF document and want the physical book, you can still purchase it on Amazon.com but I really just want the book to be read. And hopefully someone can learn something from it! I’m not in this hair thing for the money. My love for beautiful hair is too deep for that!

So I was just over my cousin’s house visiting my baby cousin and her hair has gotten so long! It’s down her back and so shiny and thick. She says it’s gotten long because she’s been wearing a sew-in but I think it’s more likely because she’s been leaving it the hell alone. Any protective style, were you’re not constantly in your hair, brushing it and combing it all the time, will make your hair appear to grow faster. When in reality it’s just breaking off slower. I have braids, straight back, no extensions, and my hair is growing super fast too!  

What I was really shocked about was how thick it has gotten. Because usually when her hair gets that length, it starts to thin out. The strands start to look much thinner. But the Dudley Sensitive Scalp Relaxer that she has gotten from her sister, who’s a cosmetologist also, is keeping the strands super thick and shiny and strong. I want a Dudley in my hair!!!! It is going in eight months now since I’ve had a relaxer, the longest I have ever went, but seeing my cousin’s long thick hair is really making me want one. But I’m gonna stay strong! Hopefully! 🙂 

So after cutting my hair completely bald back September 2012, my hair is finally growing out! Hip Hip Hooray! Everyone that knows me is like “Oh you’ll cut it back off in a couple of months like you always do. You’ll try some new relaxer or some new hair color, it’ll break it off, and you’ll be right back bald by in a couple of months.”

But I’m done. I’m really done this time. My experimenting days with my hair are over. If I don’t trim it every other week like a maniac like I usually do, my hair will be chin length by September and I’m really excited about rocking my sexy bob once more. This is the hair length I feel prettiest at.

I have had one Big Chop too many and I’m really done. The experimenting and destroying my hair cycle must be broken and it is! I care as much about my own hair health now as I do my clients which should have been the case all along.

I’m learning to love myself more and my hair is reflecting that!