So I was just over my cousin’s house visiting my baby cousin and her hair has gotten so long! It’s down her back and so shiny and thick. She says it’s gotten long because she’s been wearing a sew-in but I think it’s more likely because she’s been leaving it the hell alone. Any protective style, were you’re not constantly in your hair, brushing it and combing it all the time, will make your hair appear to grow faster. When in reality it’s just breaking off slower. I have braids, straight back, no extensions, and my hair is growing super fast too!  

What I was really shocked about was how thick it has gotten. Because usually when her hair gets that length, it starts to thin out. The strands start to look much thinner. But the Dudley Sensitive Scalp Relaxer that she has gotten from her sister, who’s a cosmetologist also, is keeping the strands super thick and shiny and strong. I want a Dudley in my hair!!!! It is going in eight months now since I’ve had a relaxer, the longest I have ever went, but seeing my cousin’s long thick hair is really making me want one. But I’m gonna stay strong! Hopefully! 🙂 

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