So after cutting my hair completely bald back September 2012, my hair is finally growing out! Hip Hip Hooray! Everyone that knows me is like “Oh you’ll cut it back off in a couple of months like you always do. You’ll try some new relaxer or some new hair color, it’ll break it off, and you’ll be right back bald by in a couple of months.”

But I’m done. I’m really done this time. My experimenting days with my hair are over. If I don’t trim it every other week like a maniac like I usually do, my hair will be chin length by September and I’m really excited about rocking my sexy bob once more. This is the hair length I feel prettiest at.

I have had one Big Chop too many and I’m really done. The experimenting and destroying my hair cycle must be broken and it is! I care as much about my own hair health now as I do my clients which should have been the case all along.

I’m learning to love myself more and my hair is reflecting that!

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