So why did I even become a cosmetologist if not to make a living doing hair or owning my own salon? I have asked myself this question a thousand times and still have not come up with an adequate answer. I have come to realize, I think, that I am not in this hair thing for the money! I am in this hair business to help sisters learn how to make their own hair its most beautiful. I’m in this hair business to educate. That’s it!

I just wrote my first book, entitled The Cost of Weaves, and set up this website to sell it on Amazon but I feel like THE MESSAGE is more important than the money. I feel like I have some very heart felt things to say in this book and I’d rather the book be read freely, than make money off of a topic that I feel is kinda of sacred… and touchy. I guess I feel like this is too sensitive of a subject, and too pertinent of an issue to be trying to profit from it. When the reason I wrote this book was to help sisters learn how to grow out their own hair so they don’t need a weave. And grow out my own hair in the process!

So in a week or so I will have the entire book available for free on this website. For those of you that read the PDF document and want the physical book, you can still purchase it on but I really just want the book to be read. And hopefully someone can learn something from it! I’m not in this hair thing for the money. My love for beautiful hair is too deep for that!

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